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A selection of finest
Fragrances & Skincare


A selection of finest
Fragrances & Skincare


A selection of fines
Fragrances & Skincare

Best Seller fragrances .

Premium Skincare.

Healthy and radiant skin with the effective formulations of luxurious skincare brands for you. Retinol, vitamin c, peptides, and hyaluronic acid-containing effective formulations that meet every skin need.

Helena Rubinstein

Avant-garde in the field of strengthening the skin barrier and offers the opportunity to discover all the power of one’s beauty through prodigious cosmetic procedures that combine innovation, effectiveness and sensory pleasure.

Elizabeth Arden

Improvement of the repair function of the skin barrier, on the increase of hydration within the skin surface, and on the minimization of the appearance of the signs of aging. Iconic skincare capsules providing high-quality skin benefitting ingredients in one gesture


Inspired by the know-how of pharmacists, Payot always strives to source ingredients that respect the environment. Focus on quality to respect the leather, and priority is always given to those produced in France.

Profumeria Taussi, in Fano since 1864, is not just a shop where you can buy skin care, perfumes, bath & body care, men’s grooming products, make-up, accessories, etc ….. but a place where a staff of people very prepared awaits you. We take pride in introducing Italian Perfume Brands and their olfactive craftsmanship.
At the Taussi perfumery, you can be “guided” on the regime to be adopted to have beautiful and healthy skin, on the art of perfuming, with hypoallergenic and high-quality products, premium shaving products, men’s grooming & body care brands.